NBC News: ‘The Tonight Show’ is getting an ‘alternate reality’ episode

MSNBC hosts Matt Lauer and David Muir were caught in a bit of controversy Wednesday night, as NBC News aired an interview with a man who claimed to be a member of a “federal government” in a video from 2013.

In the clip, which was posted on YouTube by The Daily Caller, the man claims to be the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The man then makes a claim that he can use a “bulk of federal government money” to “take over the world.”

According to the Daily Caller: “I’m not a government official, I’m a conspiracy theorist, and I’m not the FBI, and if you don’t believe me, then you’re just a nut job.”

The FBI is the U.S. Department of Justice and is the agency that investigates conspiracy theories and acts to prevent them from spreading.

The FBI also investigates claims of voter fraud and other matters.

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, the agency said it was “extremely concerned” about the man’s claim, and that the agency was “investigating his claims.”

“The Department of Homeland Security does not comment on specific individuals,” the agency added.

How to play Android apps in your Android phone?

If you’ve ever bought an Android phone from an Android store, you probably have some idea of the number of Android apps you can expect to see.

If you haven’t, you might not know what exactly you’re buying.

There’s no telling how many apps the devices will have, and how many there will be.

But a new study from the consultancy Gartner shows that Android phones have grown at a faster rate than any other platform, with the average device launching fewer than 10 apps per month.

“There are definitely some very high-end devices, but overall, Android is seeing an increase in usage,” said Matt Anderson, chief technology officer at Gartners.

“And it’s going to continue to grow as we get closer to the consumer-focused future.”

The new data from the company, released on Thursday, was compiled from a survey of 10,000 Android devices.

The devices in question were the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the Moto X, Google’s Nexus 6 and Nexus 5, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

The researchers asked the users to rate each of these devices’ apps on a scale of one to five stars.

The more stars a given app has, the more likely it is to appear in a particular app store.

If an app was rated a star, it was placed in a top spot.

The app was then divided into three categories: a low-tier app, a high-tier, and a top-tier.

For instance, the top-tiered app would be called the Weather app, while a low tier app would have an app called “Cards”.

For a low ranking app, users would expect to find more useful features and services than a high ranking app.

For example, Google Maps could be rated as a top tier app.

The lowest-tier apps also had a lower average monthly usage.

The higher-ranking apps had more features and more content.

For the top tier apps, there were more features.

The study was based on data collected by Gartener from a random sample of 5,000 phones.

The data was then split into two categories: apps that were downloaded and used more than five times, and apps that used the least amount of time.

The average time spent on an app is a measure of how useful the app is and how often people use it.

For Android phones, the average app usage was 8.8 minutes per month, according to Garters.

Apps that were used less than 5 times per month were counted as downloads, while those that were less than five minutes were counted per app.

How to get rid of the annoying ads on Android devices (but keep them in the background)

When you are stuck on a website that displays advertisements, you can use one of several methods to remove the annoying ad.

This article explains how to do so and what to do next.

How to remove annoying ads using Google’s AdSense feature: To remove an ad, simply right-click the ad and select Remove Ad from AdChoices.

In the popup that pops up, click the Remove Ad button.

The AdSense option will then be removed from the list.

To remove the ad from a web page, click Add ad and add a new ad from the AdChoises list.

The ad will appear in the web page.

Once an ad is added, it will stay on the page for a while.

Once it is removed, the ad is removed from AdSense and Google will remove the advertisement.

If the page is still displaying ads, you may need to disable AdSense completely to get the ad off of the page.

How to get rid of annoying Google search bar on Android

If you’re not familiar with the term “Google search bar,” you might be asking yourself “What does that mean?”

The Google search engine is used by most people and is used to navigate websites.

However, Google is also known for its ads and advertising-free services.

This is where Android comes in.

When you open up your Android smartphone, Google displays a search bar and allows you to type a query to get more information.

The bar will automatically redirect you to relevant pages on the website.

This means you can access the information in your Google search without any ads.

This process is not exactly like navigating your Facebook or Twitter pages through the Google search.

But it is a lot more efficient.

To get rid the annoying Google bar on your Android phone, just open up the app launcher and tap on the Google logo.

This will bring up a pop-up window.

Select the option to “Disable Google search” from the pop-ups menu.

The default settings will take care of the rest.

You’ll then see a “Clear all” button in the top right of the Google app launcher.

Tap on that button and the search bar will be gone.

The best part about this is that the “Google” part of the app is actually a shortened version of the “search bar.”

The search bar is no longer the same thing as the Google button.

It has been removed and replaced with a smaller button.

You can still access the search menu in the Google Search app by tapping on the search icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

You may want to remove the Google icon from your Android device or remove the app altogether.

If you do not want the Google bar in your Android app, you can use the “Hide Google search icon” setting to turn off the searchbar.

You will also want to make sure you have installed the correct version of Android and the Google Chrome browser on your device.

How the ‘tune-in’ app for the Apple Watch can make you smarter with Siri

The Apple Watch app for your smartwatch can give you a lot more than the usual Siri-esque command: it can help you get more out of your day.

Apple Watch and Apple Pay can be used as a way to make more money.

It’s a new way to access the Apple ecosystem and its many apps, which are meant to be used for more than just shopping.

Apple Pay and the Apple TV are the most popular ways to use Apple Pay, which allows you to make purchases on your Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iTunes accounts.

If you’re shopping, the Watch app lets you access your Apple Pay balance, which is the amount of money you have left after paying.

For the Apple Pay app, that means a quick tap on the watch face and you’ll see the total amount of your Apple Wallet balance.

When you want to pay a large sum of money, you can use the Watch to pull out a check or an electronic cashiers checkbook.

For a more streamlined way to pay, you could just tap on a button on the Apple logo on the Watch and your Apple card number will be listed there.

When the Watch gets stuck on a sign, it will alert you to the sign and will tell you if the sign is open or closed.

It will also give you an option to go to the app store and find an iPhone app to use, or you can simply go into the Watch App Center, which will allow you to search for a specific app and add it to your Watch.

When it’s time to pay at a store, you’ll be able to swipe right on the sign to make sure it’s closed.

You’ll then be able tap on that payment card and your credit card will be added to your watch.

The Watch app also lets you set reminders, and you can set the reminder to come up once you’re at the store, which could be helpful if you’ve been busy shopping.

You can also have the app ask you for your credit or debit card info, which Apple Pay supports.

Apple has also created a feature called Pay with your Watch to make payments to Apple Pay cards in Apple Pay compatible stores, and the app also allows you use Apple Watch as a phone to make an Apple Pay purchase.

To make a purchase, you just tap and hold your Apple watch and the purchase will take place.

For most people, Apple Pay works fine.

But if you’re using the Apple Store app, you may have trouble finding the right app.

If your iPhone has a camera built into it, you might get an error when you try to make a payment.

There’s also a complication that may help if you don’t have the correct Apple Watch or Apple Pay enabled.

You might be able see a pop-up asking you to enable it in the Watch’s settings.

But there’s no way to do that if you aren’t using Apple Pay.

Apple says that if the complication is turned on, the Apple watch app will automatically enable Apple Pay when you make a new payment.

This is not an issue if you are using Apple Watch on your phone, and there’s nothing else that would need to be turned on.

The complications that Apple Pay allows you To make an additional purchase with your Apple device, you have to have Apple Pay installed on your watch and it needs to be enabled.

The Apple watch apps for iOS and watchOS 2 don’t support multiple payment methods.

So if you want the Apple pay app to recognize your Apple wallet or iPhone, you will have to enable the Pay with Apple Watch complication.

Apple also doesn’t provide any guidance for this.

But you can add an additional payment option by going to the Pay With Your Watch complication settings, which looks like this: This option is required if you have a watch that has the Pay app installed.

If it isn’t, you’re out of luck.

You also have to create a new Apple Pay payment.

If Apple doesn’t have a Pay with Your Watch option, you need to enable Apple Wallet.

Then you can tap on an existing card and the payment will be processed.

For more information on the different payment options available with Apple Pay on Apple Watch devices, see Apple Pay: What you need and how to enable them.

If this is your first time using the Watch, you should make sure you know how to set up Apple Pay to be able use it on your iPhone or iPad.

You will have the option to enable Pay with a Watch on Apple Pay devices and use your iPhone as a contactless payment card.

Once enabled, you only have to enter your card number and card number, and that’s it.

If an Apple Watch is already connected to your iPhone, the payment process will be complete automatically.

This could take a few minutes if you use the app or the Watch for a long time, but you shouldn’t need to wait too long to use it.

Once you’ve made a payment, you are free to use the Apple app and

How to get the Apple wallpaper on Android from the Google Play Store

As with the Google+ wallpaper, it’s all done in one place.

It’s a simple tap to the wallpaper app and it automatically appears on the home screen.

You’ll have to wait a couple of minutes for it to load.

The new wallpaper is in the Play Store as of today, and you can find the wallpaper in the widget section, below.

The Google Play store wallpaper can be found in the Android widget section.

The wallpaper has a nice design, and it’s got the right amount of detail.

It uses the standard color scheme of red, white and blue.

It looks good on the wallpaper, but there’s a little something extra going on in the background of the wallpaper.

It appears in the top right corner of the screen, so you can click on it to see more.

It also appears in a larger version of the app, so it’s a nice way to display a lot of different content.

You can adjust the size of the image on the homescreen, and the wallpaper is always up to 60% bigger than the default.

The app also shows a lot more information about the wallpaper: the date, the time, and a description.

The only downside to this wallpaper is that it’s not quite as nice as the Google+, Google+ or Apple wallpaper.

The wallpaper doesn’t use the same icons, and there’s no option to use the app launcher.

It has a small app icon on the top of the home screens.

The Apple wallpaper is a little easier to manage.

You can drag it onto the homescreens of Android devices, and Google has included a new feature to make it easier to change the wallpaper from your phone.

The default wallpaper is still the default, but you can change it with a simple double-tap.

The Google Play wallpaper is available for free on the Google Store, and Apple has been updating it for a while now.

Apple has also been working on a wallpaper for the iPhone and iPad, but it’s still in the early stages.

The new Google Play Wallpaper for Android is free for new users, but the Google wallpaper is also available for $4.99, and for $5.99 for premium users.

When I get a new iPhone, I’m gonna buy a new TV and get a screen time android app

If you think you’ve got the latest iPhone, Android, or Chrome browser app installed on your smartphone, you’re right.

According to Google, a whopping 44% of all smartphone users download an app to watch their favorite content from a web-based source like Netflix.

But that’s just for the most popular Android devices.

As Android’s market share has grown, so has its usage, so as more users install and update their apps, there’s bound to be some people who’re not going to have a lot of time to sit down and watch content from Netflix or Hulu anytime soon.

But that’s exactly what some Android users are looking for.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that Google had discovered that as Android has gotten bigger, so have the number of people downloading the apps it offers.

According the Journal, the company is now tracking the number and number of Android users who have installed an app on their phone or tablet.

Google’s latest data shows that as of the end of December, the number was around 8.7 million, while it was around 9.3 million a month ago.

In the next month, Google will roll out more apps, but those who haven’t installed an update yet will be left to figure out what they want to watch.

Google’s latest numbers aren’t a new thing.

The company has been tracking Android usage since December, and its data has shown that Android users spend an average of around 7 minutes per day using the devices software.

While that might sound like a lot, the Journal said that Google’s figures are actually “more than double the average time spent on desktop software.”

As a result, the latest data is a bit misleading, as it shows Android users watching more content than they did a year ago.

It also shows that Android’s usage isn’t as high as some have suggested, since the Journal notes that there are still about 14 million Android devices out there.

How to Reset Your Google Account (Firmware) and Your Phone from a Firewall and Android Device (Article)

The device is now encrypted and will no longer be able to send data to the internet or send SMS to you or anyone else.

Your Google account will be locked and the password will be reset to an email address that will only be used for accessing your device’s internet and SMS services.

This means that no one can read or access your emails, messages, or other data.

However, you can still log in using your email address, and Google will send you an SMS that will allow you to log in.

It’s not clear if this password reset is permanent, and it’s possible that you could be able back up your data before it’s permanently deleted from the device.

This could be a security risk, as many companies are starting to implement password reset systems for users who have been hacked.

Free Android Games, Games, Apps for free to download?

A free Android game update is coming to Google’s Android platform, and the update will include more games than previously available, according to a new report.

Android games are becoming more popular, and it’s not uncommon to see a dozen free Android games in the Play Store at any given time.

Google’s games team announced the new Android Games and Apps update on its developer blog Tuesday, and Google says the free update will be available for both Android phones and tablets.

The new Android Game Update, which is also known as a “major update,” adds a bunch of new features including new achievements, an improved interface, and improved gameplay.

The developer also says that Android games that are already free to play will be made available for free in the coming weeks.

It’s not clear if the new free games will be coming to other Android platforms, but Google did confirm that Google Play Games is one of the most popular Android games for free, with over 1.4 billion users playing it each month.

It could be a sign that Google is preparing to introduce a new feature in Android Games to help users continue to enjoy Android games while also giving developers access to the Google Play store.

Google also updated its developer guide for Android Games with a new “Game Center” section that gives developers a new way to market and sell their games.

How to use a PS2 emulator for Android smartphones to play games on a PS3

Posted Sep 24, 2018 11:18:22A lot of gamers have been asking for a way to connect their PS2 to their Android smartphone and play games from their Android phone, but how do you actually do that?

If you want to connect your PS2 console to your Android phone using the internet, the easiest way to do it is with a smartphone emulator.

You just need to connect the PS2 and the Android phone to your PC via USB and it works!

But you’ll need to download the PSX emulator app, which is included in the Android App Store, or the PS3 emulator app.

And there’s a catch!

If you’re not familiar with the PSP emulator app or the DS emulator app you can skip the next part of this article and head straight to the DS one!

Let’s get started!

First, head over to Google Play to get the app and install it.

Once it’s installed, tap the link to open the app.

You’ll see a new “Connect” screen that lets you know it’s working.

Tap it and then select the “Android” or “PS3” option.

You should see a list of devices you’ve connected to, one of which should be the PS4.

If it’s not, you’ll see something like this:This screen will let you select which PS4 you want.

Select the PS Vita and then the PS TV, and the emulator will tell you how to connect it.

Select a device, then the phone and it will connect to the PSN.

You can connect a PS Vita or PS3 to your phone from the phone itself.

If you want, you can add more devices to the list.

To do that, tap on the “+” button on the PS button on your phone, then select “Add Device.”

This will bring up the PS Store, where you’ll be able to add a new device to the database.

Tap on that new device, and then tap “Add” on the PlayStation Store.

This will show a screen with a list showing all the devices that connect to your PS Vita.

Tap the “+Add Device” button and you’ll get a list that lets the emulator choose which device you want it to connect to.

You don’t need to know the name of the device, but you can just tap the device’s name.

If you need to, you just have to make sure that the device doesn’t already have an emulator running on it.

When the list is filled up, you’re done!

Go ahead and click “Add to PS Store” and you’re all set!

When you’re ready to go, just open the PSS emulator app on your Android smartphone, and you should see the list of compatible devices and their devices list.

Tap on the device you wish to connect and you can connect it to your smartphone.

The emulator will show up on the screen as a device.

You can choose to use the PS5 emulator app instead, but it doesn’t work that well either.

If the emulator is running, you should be able connect it via Bluetooth.

If not, connect to it using USB.

The first step is to install the PSR-2 and PSX emulators.

You only need to do this once, but if you don’t want to install them now, you will have to wait until you get your Android device setup and then start using them later.

Download and install both the PS SRC-2 emulator and PS SSC-2 emulators, then install both to the same directory.

Open the PSSC emulator app and open the “Settings” menu.

Select “PlayStation 4” and then “Android.”

Tap “Select Device” and it should start loading up the emulator.

Tap “Add device” and the device should be listed.

You should be greeted with a “Connecting to” screen.

Select it and the emulation will start up.

You need to tap “Connect.”

This time, the emulator should display “Connected.”

If you don, you might see an error message, or you might not see any.

You might also have to restart the emulator to complete the connection.

Once you’ve done that, the emulators should be connected to the phone, and when you open the phone you’ll have a “PS Vita” icon.

If your PS4 is connected to your android phone, you won’t see the PSVita icon.

You have to close the emulator app to close it.

You might be asking yourself why you’d want to play PS4 games on an Android smartphone when you can use the Android TV?

This is because the PS1 and PS2 are still the best mobile games for PS3s and PS4s, and there are a lot of great PS2 games on the Android devices.

The only problem is that there are some PS4-specific games on these devices.

The PS1 was a great game for PS2s, but not