Google’s stock app for Android 18 and iOS 18 is missing in action

Google has rolled out a new stock Android 18.1 update for its Android app and iOS app, respectively, to Android devices running iOS 9 and iOS 10.

The update brings the latest features to the older OS, including support for Android virtual keyboards and the ability to search for and download files from Android apps.

The company did not provide an Android version for those running iOS 10 and earlier.

Google’s Android 18 update will roll out on Tuesday, June 26.

The Android update is not required for users running Android 8.1 or higher and will work with the same functionality as before.

If you are using Android 8 and older, you can download and install the latest update from the Google Play Store.

The Android 18, iOS 18, and iOS 11 updates are the first of many for the upcoming Android version that Google is calling Android 18: The Future of Android.

Google announced the new version at its Android Developer Conference this year.

The company is adding to the mix with Android L, the first version of the operating system to be built entirely in Android.

Android L features the Android-powered Android Pay app that is part of Google Wallet.

It also brings support for the Chrome browser and support for a new, improved Android camera.

Google is working on several new Android devices with the new Android 18 operating system, and will be launching several more products in the coming months.

Google has already announced its plans for a Chromebook Pixel and Chromebook Pixel XL, two Android devices that Google claims will be the first Android smartphones.

Google also has a new Pixel and Pixel XL TV and a Nexus Q, both of which are expected to launch later this year and feature a 13-inch screen and be available in two colors: white and black.