How to turn off Google Maps on your Android device

Android smartphone users may soon have the option of disabling Google Maps for Android smartphones, with the company’s Android 19 operating system now available on the company Android 19 developer kit (DK) platform.

Google’s new SDK, which has been available since the end of May, adds support for the “Google Maps” platform on Android devices.

The SDK supports Android phones running Android 19 and newer.

With Android 19, Google is making it easier for users to disable Google Maps and other services from their smartphones.

It’s not yet clear whether Google is actually going to disable Maps completely or if the company is still working on ways to enable the functionality, which is currently in the beta stage.

While Google has yet to officially announce the Google Maps API, Google has announced that it’s working on a “next generation” API to enable mobile users to control the map on their devices.

Google says that the new SDK “will enable developers to create applications that enable users to use Google Maps as a central navigation system.”

It says that developers should be able to integrate the SDK with existing applications and use Google’s API to add functionality.

Google Maps is the company, and it has a history of pushing Android devices to use its own services.

The Google Maps APIs have been available on Android since the beginning of 2012, and Google has also used the APIs to integrate Google Maps with Android TV and other mobile devices.

A Google spokesperson said that it “supports Google Maps, Google Voice, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Search, Google Translate, Google Maps Places, Google Photos, and other Google products.”

The company has also added Google Drive to its Play Store, and also launched Google Cloud Drive in 2016.

Google has a long history of using the APIs for other services on Android.

Google Assistant, Google’s artificial intelligence-powered assistant, has been used to control many Android devices, including tablets, smartphones, and even smart TVs.

Google previously used its APIs to support voice control of a variety of Android phones, but this is the first time that developers are able to use them to create apps for Android devices that control the entire Google Maps experience.