Android Games For Android is Back in Business

Polygon is proud to announce that Android Games for Android is back in business!

We’ve been here before with games on smartphones and tablets, but never with Android games on mobile.

We were just too busy making great mobile games.

The new version brings all the features we’ve always loved to Android games, including full screen, full controller support, and much more.

In addition, we’ve improved the UI of Android Games on mobile, so that it looks even better.

So, what’s new in this version?

New Features: Full Controller Support – You can now use your Android device’s controller to play the game on your phone or tablet.

We’ve also added full controller buttons to the top right of the app, which means you can now navigate your way around the game, tap on buttons, and interact with the game in full controller mode.

You can also use the left and right buttons on your Android phone to scroll through the game’s menu.

Full Controller Input – We’ve added full input support for your controller, making it easy to play with your phone and tablet at the same time.

You’ll find a controller icon next to the action bar in the top left corner of the game menu, along with the buttons you need to use.

It’s also easy to assign your controller to the game and use it as a keyboard.

You’re now able to control your Android game from your phone, tablet, or both.

Full Controls – The game’s menus now feature a full controller control panel, complete with buttons and shortcuts.

These are all customizable, so you can change how they look, the controller’s position, and more.

New Features and Improvements: Controller Input support – You now have full controller input for your Android games.

Just tap on any of the controllers buttons and your game will launch.

Controller support for Android Games – The full controller controller support has been improved so that you can control your game from any Android device.

Just touch the top of the controller and you’ll find your desired controller icon, along in the game options menu.

Controller control for Android games – We added full control buttons to Android Games.

This means you now can use them as a navigation bar to navigate through the menu.

The bottom right of your screen will display your current controller settings.

This can be changed in the settings.

Full controller support for iOS games – Now you can use your iOS devices controllers in your Android Games app.

Simply drag the controller icon from the bottom of the Android Games menu into your iOS game.

Controller controls for Android apps – We have improved controller control support for the games you have installed on your device.

You now find the controls in the controller settings, along side the Android game’s options menu, in the app’s main screen.

This is just like controller control in iOS games.

Controller Input for Android – We also added support for controller input in Android Games, which is what we’ve been working on for a while now.

We will continue to improve controller input support as we work to make our apps as compatible as possible.

Controller input for Android applications – If you have controller support in your application, you can tap on the controller input icon in the options menu and it will launch the controller controls for your application.

You will now be able to access the controls from your Android app as well.