Which memes are best in Irish police?

The best memes are coming from Ireland.

The country’s police force is using their powers under Section 15 of the Irish constitution to force all the country’s citizens to submit to the government’s version of the law, dubbed the Irish Republic.

The new law has been the subject of intense debate and debate in Ireland, and some have been unhappy with its imposition of censorship and a ban on the use of images of children and children’s images.

In an interview with The Irish Times, Detective Chief Inspector Gary Higgins said that in order to make his job as a police officer easier, he needed to look at memes as a tool for his job.

“I do think it’s an effective tool for the police,” he said.

“It’s a tool to be able to engage with the public and make sure they know what we are doing and to engage in a constructive debate about it.”

That’s what I want to do.

“The other thing I’m trying to do is engage the community and try and get them involved in the process.”

There are some images in our database that we have that we’ve got in our databases that have not been used as memes.

“Higgins said that he believes the use in Ireland is justified, given the state of the country and the impact that social media has on society.”

We do believe that the use is justified and I would say it is in keeping with the Irish Constitution,” he told the newspaper.”

In order for that to be a valid use of the power that the Irish government has under the Constitution, we need to go through a rigorous process.

The Irish police chief said that the department had made some changes to its use of memes in the past few years.

“At the end of the day, we believe that we’re doing a job that we love and it’s important to do that,” he added.

“Memes are a way for us to engage people and make a point that they’re in control of their own future and that they can be their own bosses.”

And so it’s a good thing to do.””

I think memes are great tools for the officers in their work, but I would also say that memes are not the end-all-be-all for how we deal with issues.