Verizon and Zoom to Bring Free, Android-Based Phone Software to the Galaxy S8

Verizon is getting in on the Android-powered phone-sales game with its first Android phone software offering.

Verizon’s new software will be available as a free download on its Android-based Galaxy S 8 phone starting today, with plans to expand it to other devices in the future.

The Verizon-exclusive software, dubbed “Verizon App” by its developer, is designed to let users easily access the phone’s built-in Google Assistant, and it’ll also offer customizable, one-tap voice and text commands, a feature that hasn’t been available to other Android phones.

Users can also tap on an image or video from the phone and then use the phone to play a short clip, then play another clip.

The software is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which is the same processor found in Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10 smartphones.

The company said it had “received great feedback” from its customers on how the software will work.

Verizion’s software will also include the ability to set voice reminders, a new feature that was announced last week.

The phone will also offer the ability for users to set a timer to notify them of missed calls, messages, or texts.

In addition to the free software, Verizon will also be releasing a set of free Galaxy S phones with built-ins built-into Android 7.1, including the Galaxy A8, A5, A4, A3, A2, and A1.

Verizon will be offering these devices starting today.