How to stop spammy apps from hijacking your phone

The Australian Financial Reviews website has just updated its app to block apps that are sending spammy messages to your phone, as well as sending unwanted ads.

This is an important update to the app, which has been criticised for its spammy nature, and its lack of notification features, which are more useful for notifications on your Android device.

If you are a regular user of the app (which currently only includes SMS and MMS), you can also turn it off and start using the new features.

The update also adds a new feature to the Android Messages app, allowing users to filter out SMS and Facebook Messenger messages.

These messages will now only appear on the home screen of your phone.

Google also has a new filter option that will filter out unwanted ads and spam, as Google+ has become an increasingly popular app for receiving notifications from Google+ members.

The new features come after a recent update to Android, which blocked apps like Facebook Messenger and Facebook Pages, and Google+Messages, from being installed on devices.

The update also included an update to remove the ability to set an app’s notifications as default, and a new notification feature that will notify you when new messages arrive on your phone that you are in a public area.