‘No Trump’ Android Auto App, No ‘Trump’ in Google Play Store

Breitbart News has exclusively learned that the Google Play store for Android Auto is no longer being updated.

Google is no stranger to the Android platform, but the Android Auto app has been the subject of considerable controversy over the past year.

The Android Auto Android app for Google Play is now the only Google Play app in the Android App Store and Google is not updating the app to support the new features of Android Auto.

The latest version of the app is now titled “Android Auto” on the Play Store, and the developer has since taken to Twitter to explain his decision to stop updating the Google app.

“No Trump” in the Google Appstore.

No Trump in the @PlayStore.

No endorsement of Trump in Google’s Android Auto!#NotMyPresident,” Google Play developer and Android Auto product manager Adam Bowers wrote in a tweet today.

Bowers also explained the rationale behind his decision, stating that Google has “a lot of great apps that do great things.”

The developer also wrote, “The current version of Android (Android Auto) is the best Android App out there, with a lot of awesome features, and a strong focus on community.

I just think the market needs to be encouraged to support these apps by not buying into the Trump/Pence agenda.

We will continue to update the app, and will have support for all new features in the future.

“Bowers added that the app will remain available on the Google Store for $4.99, and he will continue developing other apps for the Android platforms.