How do I keep track of the memes I like?

We’ve all seen the meme on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr, but the real secret is to find the ones you enjoy.

And that can be a bit of a challenge.

“I like a lot of memes but it takes some practice,” says Kelli Ralston, a 24-year-old business management student from Portland, Oregon.

“You’re going to have to look at them a lot.”

Ralstons best memes include “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays.”

Some have more subtle meaning.

“Some of the most popular memes are jokes about being a kid or a woman,” Ralstrons mother, Lisa, tells MoneyBeat.

“For example, a picture of a woman with her hair up and her hair pulled back.

Or a picture where she has her arms out in front of her.

Or if you have a picture that shows someone kissing their husband or their boyfriend, they’re going a little more subtle.”

“Movies and TV shows” also come in handy.

“There are movies, TV shows, and music videos that I really like,” Raltons mom says.

“They’re just a little bit more in-depth than memes.

For example, ‘Happy Holiday’ is the most common meme in the movie industry.

And it’s the funniest.”

Raltstons favorite is “Porn Star.”

It’s about an escort who gets caught up in the porn industry.

“She’s trying to make some money and she’s just going out to find her place,” Rallstons mom explains.

“And then she gets hit on by some guy, and they end up hooking up.”

Ralson has been a porn star for about six years and loves it. “

So you get the sense that she’s really desperate and desperate for attention, and then all of a sudden the whole world just sort of turns on her.”

Ralson has been a porn star for about six years and loves it.

“My job is to be the porn star,” she says.

But she says she’s always been attracted to the darker side of the entertainment industry.

In fact, she started doing some of her own stunts and got a little bored with the whole “celebrity” thing.

“One time I did something with a fake mustache and it was really scary,” Ralsons mom laughs.

“That was really fun and I thought it was a good idea.”

Ralls best porn has involved making people wear fake noses and make them dance.

She says it’s all about “making people laugh.”

“I try to be funny and have fun,” she explains.

Ralss favorite porn star is the one in the film “Dirty Minds,” which Ralsston says is about a girl who is “sexually abused by a former boyfriend and then she ends up having an affair with a porn actor and then having an abortion.

It’s really sexy.”

“She has to have that mask on, and it has to be fake, because it’s going to make the actor uncomfortable,” Ralfson says.

For Ralsstons daughter, it’s a story about “being a slutty mommy.”

“A lot of girls have an abusive relationship and they try to have it go away, but they get really hot and they get into this kind of relationship,” Ralgons mom adds.

“It takes a lot for her to leave that relationship.

And then she has a real crisis, and that’s what you need to be concerned about.”

Ralfs best film, too, has been “Couples Therapy.”

Ralgs mom says it “tells a story of how I was raised by a mom and dad, and how I struggled with being a woman in this family.”

She says she found it “really difficult to understand the struggles that women go through.”

Ralingston’s daughter, Amber, loves to watch porn.

“But there’s a point where she just kind of wants to stop and go, ‘Oh my god, I don’t know what I’m doing,'” Ralfseys mom laughs, before revealing she also enjoys watching “Bachelor in Paradise.”

“And I guess she likes the idea of having an ex-husband and an ex, and her ex-boyfriend is the man who cheated on her and she doesn’t like that,” Raldson explains.

For the “Bachelorette” contestants, it can be about finding a partner who “gets it,” or the prospect of getting divorced.

But for Ralfsdys daughter, “Couple Therapy” is about “getting married, having a family and having kids,” she laughs.

Ralfscons daughter also enjoys the “Aussie” comedy show.

“Basketball is a big part of it, so we get to