How to get rid of the annoying ads on Android devices (but keep them in the background)

When you are stuck on a website that displays advertisements, you can use one of several methods to remove the annoying ad.

This article explains how to do so and what to do next.

How to remove annoying ads using Google’s AdSense feature: To remove an ad, simply right-click the ad and select Remove Ad from AdChoices.

In the popup that pops up, click the Remove Ad button.

The AdSense option will then be removed from the list.

To remove the ad from a web page, click Add ad and add a new ad from the AdChoises list.

The ad will appear in the web page.

Once an ad is added, it will stay on the page for a while.

Once it is removed, the ad is removed from AdSense and Google will remove the advertisement.

If the page is still displaying ads, you may need to disable AdSense completely to get the ad off of the page.