How to watch The Real Housewives of New York City: Season 4 on Apple TV – the best app on the planet

We are now more than halfway through season 4 of the Real Housewife of New Jersey reality TV show, and there’s still more to come.

Season 5 has been announced, which will be airing exclusively on Apple TVs.

The new season will premiere on Apple devices in the US, UK, Canada and Australia on April 27.

The season will air in the United States at 8pm ET and will air at 10pm ET in Australia.

Season 5 will also be available on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Amazon Fire HD.

Season 4 is also available on Netflix.

Season 3 was available exclusively on the Apple TV and Amazon Kindle Fire, while season 4 is currently available exclusively to the Apple Watch.

Season 2 was also available exclusively from the Apple App Store, while seasons 3 and 4 will be available exclusively through Amazon’s Kindle Fire app.

Season 1 was only available through the Apple app.