‘I’m Going to Take Your Money, Your Body, Your Mind’

The latest installment in the popular Lad Bible series is “I’m going to take your money, your body, your mind,” a spoof of the infamous speech “I’ve Got The Ball.”

The clip, which was uploaded by user _____, is set to music by rapper Big Boi and features a rapper impersonating President Barack Obama and rapper Biggie Smalls, who’s also featured in the video.

____ _ The original video has been removed from YouTube after the video creator contacted The Huffington Post.

_____ The Lad Bible has also been removed in its entirety from Google Play and Amazon’s Video Stores.

___ The video, which is not technically a parody, has been viewed more than 7.6 million times and shared more than 2.6 billion times.

______ In addition to “I’ll take your body and mind,” the video also features a video featuring the rapper T-Pain impersonating Eminem.