India: 7 killed in road accident on I-4

7 people were killed and another 22 injured after a motorcyclist crashed into a truck near I-94 and I-40 on Sunday.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the truck driver was a passenger in the vehicle.

The driver was not injured.

A preliminary investigation showed the driver was driving at a speed of between 40 and 60 kilometres per hour when the collision happened around 5:45pm local time, NHTSA said.

The accident occurred near the junction of the Hwy 99 and the Housatonic Expressway in the town of Galt.

The driver was identified as Anil Kumar, a resident of Housatsa.

He was reportedly travelling on the expressway near I.T.C. office.

The crash killed seven people, including the driver, Nhota Samar, NIA said in a statement.

The injured included five women and two children, NHP said.

The accident was the fifth such road traffic accident in India this year, Nhatu said.