How to make an Android tablet that runs the new Android Wear platform

Android tablets can now run on Android Wear, thanks to a new software update from Google.

The new Android 7.0 SDK, codenamed ‘Aquarius’, brings the Wear platform to a whole new level.

Aquarian’s latest release includes some key features, like a new Google Now widget and the ability to use a Google Maps app to find nearby places.

These apps are also coming to Android Wear as part of the Android Wear 10.1 update.

The latest update also includes the ability for Android Wear devices to send messages to the Google Assistant through a new voice input app.

This is a pretty big deal for Android, which has always had its own unique voice recognition system.

While the software in question is called ‘Google Assistant’, the functionality is still being worked on, so it will likely take a while before the Android system itself is fully compatible with Google Assistant.

However, Google Assistant support is coming to all of its products including Google Assistant on Android, including the Google Play store.

For the time being, Android phones and tablets can still use Google Play for the time-sensitive apps, such as the Calendar, YouTube, and Google News apps.

Android devices will have to upgrade to the new version of Android to receive this support, but Android users can still download the new SDK to try it out.

More to come on the latest Android Wear update.

Read more about Android:The new Android SDK will be available to download on the Android Developers website.