What you need to know about the NSA’s new spy tool

A new spying tool is now being deployed in the United States to help track down criminals and terrorists.

It’s called the Intercept.

In a blog post Monday, the National Security Agency (NSA) announced the new tool as part of its “surveillance and data collection” program.

 According to the NSA, the tool was developed with “urgent national security concerns” in mind.

“The Intercept allows analysts to search the world for known or suspected terrorists and other known or potential threats, without identifying them or gathering information on their communications or communications devices,” the agency said.

But it’s far from a new tool.

Since 2011, the NSA has been using a tool known as the “pen register” to intercept emails and text messages.

It works by intercepting a device’s microphone and sending a signal that captures a copy of the messages.

The interceptor then can send the data back to the agency, where it can be analyzed.

The Intercept is not a new surveillance tool, but it has come under increased scrutiny since the Snowden leaks began.

On Monday, President Trump tweeted that the tool is a “big step forward” for the agency and that the new “survey tool” is “very good news for our country and for our security.”

“This new tool helps the NSA better detect, investigate, and prevent attacks against our country,” the president wrote.

Last week, a federal judge in Texas ruled that the Intercept was unconstitutional because it infringed on privacy.

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