How to make a sexy photo gallery on your Android phone

An app that lets you share photos and videos to Twitter with the hashtag #AndroidPorn is just in the works for Android users.

Android Porn for Android is the work of @TheSportsBlog, a blogger who recently launched an Android porn site called AndroidPorn.

The app was recently featured on Google Play.

The website currently lists only about 50,000 photos and 1,000 videos, with each one of those being accompanied by a photo caption that’s an animated GIF.

You can search for images by keywords like “#android,” or simply type in the hashtag in your tweet.

The app will show you all the available options and then send you the photo or video to view.

If you’re not interested in having your photos or videos shared on social media, you can also opt out of having them included in the app.

“This app is a great example of how Android Porn can be used for good,” TheSportsBlog told Mashable.

“We want to share awesome images and videos of great athletes and sports personalities, but also be able to enjoy them on our phone and share them with our fans.”

This app was featured on

The site is hosted on GitHub and the app is free to download for non-paying users.

It currently lists about 2,300 photos and 2,000 video options, but you can search on other keywords like #android, #android porn, #lifestyle, or #tbt.

It has an option to send you all photos and all videos.

The source for the GIF images is a Twitter account with a link to the Instagram app.

You don’t have to be a Twitter user to use the app, but the API is designed to allow anyone to add an account.

TheSportsTalk also points out that the app’s features are limited.

It only works on Android smartphones running Jelly Bean, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and above, with some Android 4+ devices supported as well.

It does not support Android phones running Marshmallow, but does have a few Android 4+.

The app does not come with a built-in camera app, nor does it include a “tweet” option.

The sportsblog’s tweet feature, however, does allow users to share their photos and video on Twitter.

The tweet is automatically saved on your phone as an animated gif and the GIF is saved in the “tweets” folder on your smartphone.

The GIFs will also be saved as an image.

The site also features a “favorites” section where users can add photos and photos of celebrities and athletes to their favorites, but those options are limited to “top photos” and “top celebrities.”

The app is also lacking in Twitter support.

The SportsBlog also points to a number of issues with the app itself.

Users can’t edit the photos that they send to the app; it’s still a GIF and doesn’t work with any sort of image editing apps.

And because the app uses the Google API, it can’t be accessed from any other Android device.

The SportsBlog says the app will be available to Android users this fall.