How to listen to your notifications on your phone

Android is an important part of the smartphone experience.

It’s the primary operating system that makes up most of your phone’s software, and it’s one that has become increasingly important over the years as smartphones have become more powerful.

You can use a phone app to play back your favorite music or even listen to music on the fly.

With Android, you can use the notifications system to control the notifications of your device, even from the app drawer.

With the latest versions of Android, these apps have gotten a major overhaul.

Now, there’s a new way to listen in on your notifications: using an app that can play your favorite notification sounds.

The latest version of Android offers support for many popular notification sounds, and in the process, there are also new apps to use.

Read on to find out which notification sounds are supported and how to install the apps that will let you listen to them.

The Basics The following features are supported by the latest Android version: A “Quick” notification sound The quick notification sound plays as soon as you tap the notification, rather than as you hold down the notification.