Google Duo App for Android is here: Google’s Android emulator for the Google Pixel phones

Google’s mobile-focused Duo app is here to run Google Pixel smartphones, the company announced on Wednesday.

The Google Duo app for Android can run Android versions of the Pixel phones that Google announced last year.

Google announced that it will launch the app for the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones in March.

The Duo app can run any Android version, but Google Duo is the first standalone Google mobile app that lets you run Android devices.

The app has a simple interface and is mostly limited to Google’s Pixel smartphones.

It doesn’t support other Google phones, like the Pixel C or Pixel S, and is restricted to the Pixel devices, Google’s first smartphone hardware to run Android.

The Pixel and Pixels don’t support Android’s built-in Wi-Fi, but they do have Wi-Cards, a similar feature that allows you to use your phone to connect to a computer or a tablet using a wired connection.

Google’s new Android-powered Google Pixel smartphone is Google’s most powerful smartphone to date, and Google Duo has been available for some time.

Google Duo was the first Android phone to support the Google Assistant, a voice-activated feature that lets users ask Google to do things like turn on your TV or check on the weather.

The feature was only supported on Google Pixel devices until recently, but Android now has many Android apps that can also use Google Assistant.

Google Duo is designed to make it easy for users to control their Pixel phones from the Google Play Store, and the app is designed for use with Android’s standard Google apps and the Pixel Launcher, a launcher designed for Android devices like the Nexus 6P.

Google said Duo will be the first time the Google Launcher is compatible with other Android phones, but there is no word yet on whether Duo will support other Android devices and launchers.

Google says Duo will also be the “first Android phone with native support for Google Assistant.”

Google has made the decision to support voice commands and Google Assistant on the Pixel device to give it the best experience, Google Duo will include both features, and it will also include Google Now, a standalone voice search that can be used to ask Google for things like directions, reminders, and more.

Google has said Duo has a “full set of Google Assistant” in the Android app, including Google Now.

Google also announced that Duo will have a native keyboard, a feature that Google launched with Google Now and other Android-based phones in March last year, when it also announced the ability to ask for help on Google+.

Google Now now has a keyboard for Google Duo, but Duo will not have a keyboard like Google Now does, which is a key distinction.

Google added that Duo has an integrated microphone and a speaker for the phone.

Google Assistant has always been the first feature in Google’s phone app, but it wasn’t a priority for Google.

Google is now taking it a step further, bringing the Google assistant into the Google app for all Android phones.

Google Assistant will also work on the Google search app for Google Now on Android, but that is only available on Google’s Nexus devices.

Google says Duo can be integrated with any of the many Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and much more.

Google has said that Duo works with Google Maps and Google Calendar in the Google Search app on Android.