Why I left South Africa for Argentina

A lot of my friends in Argentina and South Africa know this story.

The day I left the country, my father was arrested for a violent crime.

He was sentenced to 12 years in jail.

But when I went to Argentina, I didn’t want to stay with the same people.

I was looking for a new adventure.

I wanted to be a chef and a musician, and I wanted my kids to be successful.

I didn´t know where I was going.

I had never been to Argentina.

After I left, I was forced to learn the language of South Africa.

I thought, ‘What´s this?

I am leaving this place of freedom and opportunity for the first time in my life.’

In the beginning, I felt I was at the mercy of the police and social services.

There were no opportunities for me to be involved in social and cultural activities.

At the same time, I had to be very careful about my identity.

Argentina had been under colonial rule for two centuries, and Argentina was considered one of the poorest countries in the world.

The country was very racist.

People were not allowed to talk about the colour of their skin, or the religion of their parents.

I felt very uncomfortable when I was there.

But I couldn´t help but feel that I was an Argentine, and that I belonged there.

As a young woman, I wasn´t able to go back to South Africa to have my family and friends, and to experience the same life.

I am so glad I decided to return to South African soil, as I found Argentina very welcoming and open.

The first time I came to South America, I wanted a dream.

It was my first experience in the beauty and music of Argentina.

I started making music on my own, and started touring with a band called S.L.C. They toured with many other bands in Argentina.

It´s an incredible experience.

I went on tour with the band and sold a lot of records.

But there was one song I really wanted to make a movie about, so I went back to Argentina and made a movie.

I took the role of the lead actor, and the director was Joaquín Fernández, a Chilean actor.

It was a big challenge to work with a Chilean director, but we did it, and it´s been a huge success.

We have sold over 100 million tickets, and we´ve also had some success in our home country.

The success has inspired me to continue to make music in Argentina, as well.

I decided that I wanted people to know that Argentina has a lot to offer.

Argentina is very open and welcoming.

It is very rich in culture and history, and there are lots of interesting people.

There are many musical artists, artists who play the guitar and guitar-based music.

There´s a lot going on in Argentina in the music world.

I want to continue my work and I am happy to have that opportunity.