Which Android phones are the best?

More than a few Android users are already starting to question whether the new version of Android is really better than the previous version.

Many of them are using the new software as a way to test out their Android phones or to try out a different handset.

But many are also taking issue with some of the more controversial aspects of the new Android operating system.

For example, some people are complaining that the new app icons and system widgets don’t match the older version of the Android operating systems, which are designed to look like old-school software icons and widgets.

And some people worry that the apps on Android phones and tablets don’t work properly because they use Google’s Material Design.

Those complaints are being echoed by some Android enthusiasts who say that Android phones don’t use Google apps, so the company doesn’t have to abide by the same standards that Apple and Microsoft do.

The complaints are coming from a group of Android enthusiasts that includes former Google executives and others who have worked at the company.

But some of these people are also former Google engineers who now work for other tech companies.

Some of the complaints are backed up by the company itself.

Android is a big business, and Android phones make up the majority of Android devices sold in the U.S. Apple sells over 90% of all Android phones in the country.

That’s not exactly a lot of choice, especially when you consider that Apple only has a market share of less than 5% in the world.

And with more than 2.6 billion Android devices worldwide, it’s no surprise that the Google-made operating system has become the most popular mobile operating system in the market.

And there’s no denying that Android is becoming more popular.

The number of Android users is growing, and with Android becoming more and more popular, the demand for new Android phones is on the rise.